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big bang theory
The older I get the more I understand how true that statement is.  My grandfather used to say it all the time.  Mostly he was talking about how times and people have changed.   Mostly its the people who annoy me.  Basically, people are assholes.  Its all about what is convient and right for them.  They don't think or consider others feelings.  The niceness is leaving the world.  I am so sick of rude people.  You cant say or do anything without someone making a smart ass comment.  That comment is mostly likely about how what you said or did effects them.  For example, I sent a text to someone before they get out of bed.  My intention was for them to answer it when they got up at their normal time.  I know this person doesn't get up till 10 or so.  And I also expected the phone to be no where near them to wake them up.  But instead of getting a nice response of "Hey, for the future reference, I keep my cell by my bed in case of emergency.  So please don't text or call me before 10."  I get... threats and assinine comments. 

What happened to be nice to each other, cutting people slack....  The world is becoming one big bitch factory.  I am so sick of it.  I wish I had lots of money.  I would buy me an island away from everything and be totally self sufficient.  A big neon sign flashing.... NO BITCHES OR ASSHOLES ALLOWED.

more to come.... I have to go now, but I am not through with this rampage

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I feel ya, sis. Let it all out.

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